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Africa project

"Education is the most powerful weapon
with which you can change the world."
- Nelson Mandela

TechnoTutor is dedicated to bringing the highest quality education to the world.

Giving back.

Our Giving Back program was created in recognition of the fact that education is the most powerful and effective way to make the world a better place. By bringing everyone up to a standard of excellence we can create more opportunities for success and advancement for those who would otherwise not have the chance.


We believe that success in life is measured in direct proportion to the amount of service we give. So many have taken from Africa and we believe that it is our turn to give back. We believe that the division of the world into first, second, and third is unnecessary in a world of such abundance, technology, and creativity. Our goal is to bring the world together through giving as many as possible the gift of an effective education.






The Power of Giving.

Our Giving Back program allows us to subsidize TechnoTutor in countries in Africa where the literacy rates are extremely low and where there are fewer opportunities for economic advancement. Here, education represents a significant opportunity for people to improve their lives.


Your purchase of TechnoTutor for you and your family  directly subsidizes a family thousands of miles away. And in this way, by investing in yourself, you have a measurable effect in making the world a truly better place. Through TechnoTutor, you can give to others that which you would like to receive. We believe this philosophy creates the foundation for a world that is best, and it is our privilege to be an integral part of that foundation.







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