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Empowering stories from TechnoTutor clients around the world

"So, a few weeks ago, I introduced Crystal, now 2.5 yrs, to Techno Tutor, heres her progress from earlier this month (11 July). She enjoys gadgets a lot except TV. So she delved right into Techno Tutor (TT) and has not stopped since, she knows, after breakfast, its TT time! Its just amazing how fast she is learning the alphabet, not only through recognition but active typing as well as speaking/voicing of the letters, which makes it waaayyy easier to learn/memorise the letters/the alphabet, which is the main base of words, reading, speaking, meaning etc. We are now learning capital and small cases of the alphabet. "


Carolyne M. Schnidrig from Switzerland

"My daughter's patience has improved, her focus, her vocabulary, her spoken word are all a 100% difference from when we started just over 1 year ago. She has less frustration, and outbursts that would have lasted up to an hour now only last 3- 5 minutes!


She is now waking up every morning and the first thing she says is I need to do Techno Tutor! She even brings the laptop into bed before I am fully awake to get me to help her do it first thing!"


Cassandra P. from California, USA


"Before using TechnoTutor I had a high school education. I had some difficulty with reading, and I couldn’t do it for very long at a time.

Since using TechnoTutor, I went back to college and got very high grades in all the classes I took. I increased my capacity for reading, and I can read for much longer periods.  


It’s like a breath of fresh air, to now have a whole world of opportunity open before me, and know there is nothing holding me back."


Kelly F. from Washington, USA


"The benefits since using TechnoTutor has been beyond what I could have expected. I have developed a craving for reading and for writing, which I have been doing on a daily basis – educating myself on all aspects of life, and I have built confidence to take my life further – I have moved from my depression and attitude towards life to taking directing where I move myself and where I decide to empower myself and others around me."


– G.R. from South Africa

"My son who is 8 started grade 3 this year, reading at a grade 2 level. The school didn’t work on his reading and we just got back from parent teacher night and according to his teacher he is now reading at a grade 4 level.

I’m super pumped for him! Thanks TechnoTutor!"


– Cory M from British Columbia, Canada

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